Walther PDP F series for sale



Walther PDP f series 9mm for sale

Walther’s persistent innovation has once again created a breakthrough in firearms that has never been seen before with the PDP F-Series elite handguns. It is your obligation to be prepared at all times, whether at work or at home with your family. You can do it with confidence now, thanks to the groundbreaking enhancements provided by the Walther PDP F-Series. With the revised ergonomics, shortened trigger reach, reduced grip circumference, and less force necessary to operate the slide, you truly have the ideal weapon for folks with smaller hands. When paired with our SuperTerrain Slide Serrations and the best striker-fired trigger currently available, the F-Series is without a doubt the greatest alternative. This is the next level in high-caliber handgun innovation. The Walther PDP f series is currently available for purchase online.

Walther PDP f series review

With the F-Series Reduced Trigger Reach, achieving exceptional trigger control is now easier than ever. The F-Series trigger has been repositioned so that any hand can find the perfect trigger finger position. The location of your finger on the trigger determines accuracy and trigger control. When you pick it up, you’ll notice a big change.

The “PDT” Performance Duty Trigger, designed by Walther, was created by shortening the travel distance and increasing the tactile definition of the trigger break. The remarkable result is a highly distinctive, unmistakable feel for consistent precision that will maximize your trust. This is the trigger to pull when you’re ready to fire the shot.


F Series 4

15 Rounds, 10 Rounds


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